Inventory Management Software For Growing Businesses

Full-featured inventory management system that provides transparency and control over all your stock, purchases, and orders.

Track everything in stock

Appika inventory management software gives you full visibility over the items you have in stock and where they are located.

With Appika, you can view up-to-date stock information, track every stock move from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order and trace lots or serials from anywhere in your supply chain.
inventory management on browser
manage inventory online

Access your inventory from anywhere

Manage your entire product catalogue in the cloud and gain instant access to stock levels, item cost, expiration, product tracking information and more.

Anytime and anywhere, you can easily track and manage inventory items across multiple warehouses and avoid running out of stocks for your orders with alerts to notify you when your inventory levels run low.
  • View quantities of items on hand.
  • Determine stock value for any item in real-time.
  • Maintain all inventories by item and location.
  • Transfer inventory items across warehouses.
  • Run reports of bestselling items, most profitable and total sales.
  • Assign serial numbers to inventories and track them all the way to sales order fulfillment.
  • Track cost by item using standard cost, average cost, FIFO or LIFO costing.

Gain visibility and control of your inventory

Appika integrates inventory, orders, and purchase operations into a single platform to provide real-time company-wide visibility across offices, retail stores, and warehouses to ensures that your stock is optimally managed to reduce inventory cost and optimize cash flow.

Whether you’re moving away from manual spreadsheets or looking to optimize your supply chain, Appika inventory management helps improve stock accuracy, eliminate excess inventory, and speed up sales order fulfillment.
gain insights into your inventory

All your stock information, in one place.

Stop guessing what is in stock. Easily organize, allocate, track and see all reports on inventory in real-time.

Inventory Dashboards

Easily track inventory levels, productivity, and manage supply through your personalized dashboard.

Serial / Lot Tracking

Assign lot or serial numbers to product, track item in real-time as it transit through your facilities to the customer.

Vendor/Catalog Management

Onboard, maintain, manage vendors, product catalog and track inventory cost.

Multiple Inventory Valuation

Apply different costing method including FIFO, LIFO, standard, moving average and more to inventory items.

Easy Inventory Transfer

Move item from one warehouse to another, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports with a click.

Stock Adjustments

Modify quantity on hand, revalue inventory items by location to reflect actual inventory count and value.


Track inventory across warehouses, receive, transfer and ship items from multiple warehouse locations.


Define and receive orders using multiple unit of measurements.

Reorder Reminders

Set up low stock alert thresholds and automatically get notified when products are low in stock.

Item Specific Taxes

Define specific taxes for an item and automatically apply taxes to the item in sales quote.

Custom Fields

Instantly assign custom fields to inventory document header and lines.

Attach Files To Document

Effortlessly attach files and images to document for easy referencing.

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